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  • Formation Analyse de bilan I 08/11/2019 Les bases de l'analyse de bilan en 9 ratios - Liège (Val Beno!t) Inscription
  • Opleiding Sales & Marketing 14/11/2019 Hasselt (Roularta Media Group) Registratie
  • Opleiding Sales & Marketing 21/11/2019 Vilvoorde (Living Tomorrow) Registratie
  • Opleiding Balansanalyse II 29/10/2019 De commerciële cyclus en haar financiële werking - Kontich (Clubhouse) Registratie

About Trends Top

Trends Top is your one-stop-shop for up-to-date company information and advanced web tools for financial analysis, targeted prospection, geomarketing and sales management. An online work tool and communication platform.

The Top Website welcomes up to 30,000 unique visitors a day with a monthly average of 3.2 million pageviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Company information

For each company we provide:

  • Address (registered office and branch offices), phone, fax, e-mail, website, date of establishment, joint committee
  • Contacts, with language, function, e-mail address and LinkedIn integration
  • Overview mother-daughter businesses
  • Import-export countries
  • B2B or B2C character
  • Links to articles in Trends Magazine and reports on Kanaal Z
  • Activity according to Trends Top and Nacebel code
  • Ranking in Trends Top and sector
  • 70 financial key figures with regional and sector benchmarks
  • Link to complete sector ranking, with personal sorting options
  • Geographical spread of sector on map
  • Detailed sector analysis based on region and type of company 
  • Rating or overall health indicator
  • Full annual accounts in pdf
  • Publications in Belgian Offical Journal and social security data
  • Printable pdf for each company profile
  • Alert service - receive updates of changes by email
  • Enhanced data export at lower rates
  • Debt Collection Service - More info
  • Add your personal comments and classifications - select companies according to this personal comment or classification (Personal Top) 
  • Extended Business, Sector and Regional Reports.

Web tools

Trends Top has developed a number of commercial and financial web tools in order to make the data easy to access and straightforward to grasp.

Our alert service will keep you informed of the slightest change in the company data or financial position of your clients, prospects, suppliers, competitors or other business relations. Follow sectors in order to stay updated when a new player enters a sector that concerns your business.

 usertop-enCreate your personal Top rankings or compose a prospecting list based on the parameters of your choice. You can sort the rankings by any chosen key figure, get a more detailed analysis, geographically screen the data and benchmark different companies. New export rates.
Start - Manual (dutch or french)

geotop-enDiscover the geographical dispersion and a detailed analysis of your client portfolio in one glance. Where are the blind spots? What is your market penetration per type of company? GeoTop automatically selects prospects with the same profile as your existing clients. New export rates.
Start - Manual (dutch or french

regions-enRegion Management allows you to define the sales territories of your commercial team. You can adapt the boundaries of each territory in order to adjust your commercial strategy. Discover the potential of each sales team member.
Start - Manual (dutch or french)

benchmark-nlBenchmark allows an on-the-spot comparison of your company’s key figures and ratios to those of any other company. You immediately see the median for your sector, postal code, province and the whole of Belgium. The perfect tool for a solid competitor analysis.
Start - Manual (dutch or french



From a paper company guide Trends Top has evolved into an online work instrument, with a number of extra services included.

  • Helpdesk: assistance over the phone or live demos on how to use our web tools.
    Call 02 702 71 21 or mail the TopTeam.
  • Hands-on trainings on prospect selection and financial analysis.
    Agenda regional seminars
  • Integrations: Trends Top is directly accessible from your comfort zone.
    Overview existing and future integrations
  • Networking and events: on a regular basis, we organize exclusive incentives for both customers and advertisers, from regional networking lunches over a variety of entrance tickets to the Trends Top Academy.
    Contact your regional account manager. 

Communication platform

Trends Top is not only an advanced online tool, it is an exceptionally efficient communication platform.
Discover our functional and creative advertising formulas, tailored to your budget.

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