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Table of contents:
Sources, my data and ranking
Login, data export, credits
Web tools and trainings: financial analysis, prospection and sales management
Custom-made solutions
Financial, sector and regional reports
Alert service
User Research

Sources, my data and ranking


What sources does Trends Top use? How trustworthy and up to date is Trends Top?

  • For its basic company information Trends Top relies on official sources, such as the annual accounts provided by the National Bank of Belgium, the Belgian Official Journal and the Central Enterprise Databank (KBO).
  • Trends Top spares no efforts to complete these official data with high-quality information not available at these sources, e.g. the turnover of smaller companies that are not required to submit accounts, contacts for different departments, (personal) e-mail addresses, import and export countries, B2B or B2C character, etc.
  • Moreover,  Trends Top collaborates with specialized partners to gather specific information in order to increase the amount of available company data.

Which companies are part of our rankings?

  • Trends Top publishes information on all active Belgian companies. Companies are added to our online database right after establishment, so even before annual accounts are available (starters).
  • Searching for information on foreign companies? Contact us by mail.

How much does publication in Trends Top cost?

  • Publication in Trends Top is free. Companies can however complete their basic information with a number of functional and creative advertisement formulas. Contact us by mail for a personal meeting with the account manager of your region in order to enhance the impact of your presence on

I do not wish to be published in Trends Top at all.

  • Trends Top respects your request not to publish data with a personal character: phone & fax numbers, (personal) e-mail addresses, names of operational management. All information extracted from official sources however serves our legitimate interest and will not be deleted.

Privacy - Is Trends Top GDPR compliant?

  • We offer more information on GDPR compliancy measures and privacy within Trends Top, Trends Business Information and Roularta Media Group in Dutch or French.

Does Trends Top integrate the Do-Not-Call-Me-List?

  • Yes, it has been integrated on individual company profiles and in the export routine.
  • We have summarized the basic elements of the legislation and its principles in dutch and french.

What determines the ranking of my company?

  • Your ranking is based on the turnover (item 70) or the gross margin (item 9900), depending on availability, since smaller companies with an abbreviated balance sheet are not required to publish their turnover. As a result they are somewhat under-classified. Companies ranked by their gross margin can be recognized by a ‘*’ in each list. Your turnover is missing? Please e-mail us the exact figure and we will take care of the update.  
  • Companies without obligation to publish annual accounts have no ranking.
  • Trends Top takes into account the duration of your financial year. If your financial accounts cover a period shorter or longer than 12 months, Trends Top recalculates a number of key figures. This is marked by an ‘#’ in each list.
  • To determine the ranking of companies in sectors characterized by long-term contracts (e.g. construction, engineering, shipyards) we also take into account changes in the Work in Progress Inventory (item 71 of the profit and loss account).
  • For associations without lucrative purpose (VZW of ASBL) we take item 73 into account: fees, donations, legacies and subsidies.
  • Banks are ranked by net bank product, insurance companies by gross premiums and holdings by financial revenues.

How can I modify my company info?

  • Trends Top frequently contacts companies to have them update their company information.  Of course, you do not have to await this update request. Feel free to send us your modifications or corrections at any time.
    E-mail us or use the link Update on your online company profile. Please mention your VAT number at all times.

When does Trends Top publish new balance sheets online?

  • Each company is required to submit its accounts six months at the latest after its financial year has closed. 
  • Approximately two weeks later the new key figures and ratios will be available at In the course of 2020 all 2019 accounts will be systematically added to our website. 
  • No sooner than November 2020 new rankings will be published based on the 2019 accounts.

How does Trends Top chart mother-daughter company structures?

  • The mother-daughter company structures are based on the participations published in the accounts submitted in Belgium.
  • If foreign daughter companies are mentioned in the accounts these companies will also be published by Trends Top, with a link to the online company profile of those daughter companies provided, in their turn, they also submit accounts in Belgium.
  • If a company has a foreign mother company that does not submit accounts in Belgium, the mother company will not be published on

How do I read the score (health indicator)?

The score is provided by Trends Business Information. More info.

Login and credits


I have a login code. How do I log on?

  • I you have not linked an email address to your account yet, you simply log on using the login code we sent you.
  • Initially, the password equals the login code, unless you have changed the password in the meantime.
  • You will then be invited to set up a personal account by adding your email address and personal password.
  • From then on, you will be able to log on using your email address and personal password.
  • Need help logging on? Call us at 02 702 71 21.

I forgot my password.

Go to in order to choose a new password.

How do I order a login? How much does a login cost?

  • Choose one of the formulas on our online order page with all plans and prices.
  • You will automatically be redirected to our web shop in order to fill in your billing data.  
  • Pay online or ask an invoice.
  • You will receive your login by e-mail within the shortest delay.

How much does data export cost? What is the advantage of a login with credits?

  • The normal price per lead is 55 cents.
  • If you order a Marketing or Business Login with credits the export of the first 1,000 or 2,500 leads is free of extra charge. A three year contract contains 3,000 or 7,500 leads.

Data export credits. What are they?

  • One credit represents the export of one contact including all the available contact data for that person and his/her company.
  • Moreover, you can add extra fields and key figures to be exported at no additional cost, e.g. sector, sector ranking, establishment date, turnover, number of employees, etc. 

How do I export data?

  • More info on the export routine can be found in the manuals of our web tools ProspectFinder (dutch / french) and GeoTop (dutch / french).
  • Without a login, you can export data with basic segmentation options and at relatively higher rates.
  • In order to export the data of your target groups (prospects) with more filter and segmentation options, you need to log on first.
  • Compose a prospect list using ProspectFinder (according to the parameters of your choice) or use GeoTop to look for prospects with the same profile as your existing clients. 
  • The export routine follows a number of logical steps. You can go back in each step. You only pay (credits or invoice) after you have confirmed your order.
  • When you enter the export routine, the number of credits left is shown.
  • You decide which and how many contacts you need, one or several contacts per company, in order of importance or not (cascade), with or without personal email address.
  • You choose from an extended list of extra fields and key figures that can be exported at no additional cost e.g. sector, sector ranking, establishment date, turnover, number of employees, etc. 
  • A clear offer will indicate the number of necessary credits or the amount due.
  • You confirm your order online.
  • After confirmation of your order the file (.csv format) will be delivered by e-mail. The file can be easily opened in Excel.
  • The credits will then be subtracted from your remaining credits or you will be sent an invoice.

Can I order extra data export credits?

  • Yes, via My Trends Top or even when using the export counting tool.
  • Once your credits have been used and in case you don't wish to export an additional credit package, you will be charged 50 cents per record (invoice)
  • Needless to say you can always order extra logins with 1,000 or 2,500 credits or upgrade your login.

Can I transfer remaining credits after the first period of my login has expired?

  • You cannot transfer credits. 

How do I upgrade from a regular login to a login that includes credits?

  • Log on with your current login and password.
  • On the My Trends Top page, you can chose your upgrade.
  • You will automatically be redirected to our web shop in order to fill in your billing data.

My login is no longer active, how can I renew?

  • You still have the invoice: pay the invoice and the login will be reactivated.
  • You no longer have the invoice: contact our customer service by e-mail or by phone at 02 702 71 21.

A message appears that another user has logged on with my login.

  • One Trends Top login can be used by multiple users but not at the same time.
  • Exception: a Business Login grants access to 2 different users simultaneously.
  • You can also order several extra logins.
  • Contact us for a custom-made offer from 10 logins onwards.

I would like to get a trial login but it seems impossible.

  • A trial login can only be requested once for each company (verified by VAT number and domain name).
  • If you are a foreign company, please contact us by e-mail or phone if your company number is not accepted.

Can I request a trial login as a student?

  • We continually receive e-mails from students and teachers saying they would like to have access to our online database. That is why we have elaborated a user-friendly access based on the IP address. As a result students and teachers will be able to access our database directly from a school or university computer. The educational institution pays a limited annual fee for 10 simultaneous users. Furthermore, we repeatedly organize free guest colleges on prospecting and geomarketing. Momentarily we collaborate with several schools and universities. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.
  • If you are doing an internship, please ask someone of the company to request a trial login. The company itself may already have a Trends Top login.

Can I order a digital copy (PDF) of Trends Top?

  • Trends Top 5.000, The Sector Tops and the Gazelles Guide are available in PDF.
    Info and order

Web tools & training


Which tools does Trends Top offer? How do I learn to use the web tools?

  • Trends Top offers several financial and commercial web tools:
    • MarketAnalyzer - Analyze the market in which you want to start a business or grow your existing company (Manual: dutch - french)
    • ProspectFinder - Create prospect lists based on personal parameters and compose your personalized export file (Manual: dutch - french)
    • GeoTop - Upload your customer base for a detailed analysis in order to find lookalikes (Manual: dutch - french)
    • DataOptimizer - Upload company numbers in order to enrich and export (Manual: dutch - french)
    • Region Management - Analyze the geographical scatter of your salesteam and use it to refine GeoTop (Manual: dutch - french)
    • Benchmark - Compare a company's key financial figures with those of any other one and view the median sector and regional result (Manual: dutch - french)
    • Alert Service - Monitor companies, sectors and zip codes to stay informed of important changes (Manual: dutch - french)
    • Spider - Discover all company and director links - More info and video - Contact us if you also want to see these links for inactive companies and past director mandates
  • Trends Top organizes free hands-on regional trainings on prospecting and sales management: program and registration.
  • To multi-user clients from five logins onwards, we provide in-company trainings.


Can I access the Trends Top database directly from within my CRM or ERP system?

  • There are different ways to integrate the Trends Top database:
    • By using one of the existing links – More info or contact us.
    • By installing our API that will enable your IT Department or IT partner to swiftly ensure a personalized integration – More info or contact us.

Custom-made solutions

Can Trends Top deliver custom-made address files or other database services?

  • Contact us for all your specific demands.
  • If we are not able to help you ourselves, we will get you in touch with one of our specialized partners.


Which financial reports are available at

  • Trends Top offers three types of reports that will help you to keep your finger at the pulse of the economic tissue in which your company evolves:
  • Trends Top clients get a 20% reduction on those reports.
  • Finance and Business Login clients get 1,000 business reports, 1 sector report and one municipal report for free.

Alert Service


Why should I monitor companies?

  • Our alert or monitoring service will keep you automatically posted of important changes in companies or sectors that are important to you.
  • Each login allows you to give a number of companies in alert, for example your main customers or suppliers.
  • Each login allows you to monitor a number of sectors, for example your own sector (to monitor the competition) or the sector most of your customers are active in (to make use of new opportunities). 
  • Each login allows you to monitor a number of zip codes, in order to stay updated on regional economical changes.
  • The number of companies, sectors or zip codes you can monitor depends on your login type.

How do I add companies, sectors or zip codes to the monitoring service?

  • Companies:
    • On your personal overview (when logged in): one by one or by uploading a list of company numbers
    • Via the alert icon in each results list or on each company profile
  • Sectors and zip codes:
    • On your personal overview
    • Via the alert icon on each company profile

Which modifications generate an alert e-mail?

  • You will be informed when the following data change.
    • Companies in alert:
      • Company Name
      • Address
      • Phone or fax number
      • E-mail
      • Website
      • New company activity / sector
      • Score (general health indicator)
      • New annual accounts
      • Modified legal status (bankruptcy, composition by the court,…)
    • Sectors and zip codes in alert:
      • New companies
      • Companies with a modified score
      • Companies with new annual figures
      • Companies with a modified legal status (bankruptcy, composition by the court,…)



Can I add a logo or keywords to my online profile in order increase my visibility in the rankings and enhance the way my company is found via the QuickSearch?

  • Contact us by mail for a personal meeting with the account manager of your region in order to enhance the impact of your presence on

How can I activate the hyperlink to my company website?

  • If you decide to advertise on, the hyperlink will be activated automatically.

If I decide to advertise, do I get a free login for

  • When you opt for one of our combi packages, you will receive a login (without export credits).

Why would I advertise in Trends Top?

  • You reach all board members and executives: thé decision makers of the Belgian economy.
  • The Top Website counts a monthly average of up to 600,000 unique visitors and 2.4 million page views.
  • Our sector publications allow you to target specific sectors such as Construction, ICT, Transport and Logistics, Industry.
  • A Top media campaign guarantees visibility across different media at an advantageous price that fits any well-spread communication budget. 
  • Trends Top is an ideal platform to communicatespecific activities, products and services, in words and images. You decide how you will be found.

User Research

(All findings  with regard to the user profile are part of a market survey conducted with 1,359 respondents.)

Who uses Trends Top and why?

  • The respondents are active in the followin sectors:
    Media and communication 5.30%
    Industry   11.92%
    Transport, logistics, cars 7.14%
    Construction 13.91%
    Finance 5.52%
    HRM, interim   2.65%
    ICT, telecom      7.28%
    Pharma, health industry 2.21%
    Chemical industry     2.28%
    Food industry 4.05%
    Wholesale, retail 11.92%
    Other services 24.28%


  • Workforce:
    1-5                               29.87%
    6-10  15.67%
    11-20   13.10%
    21-50 16.56%
    +50  23.11%


  •  Functions:
    Management 55.92%
    Accounting/finance 8.68%
    Marketing/communication 8.68%
    Sales  9.42%
    Administration 6.11%
    Purchase 1.91%
    HR 1.69
    IT 0.59%
    Other 4.86%


What do users think of Trends Top?

  • 84% of the Belgian board members know Trends Top as a source of information.
  • In 78% of the large companiesTrends Top is used by several persons.
  • Trends Top ranks remarkably higher on the quality scale than other players on the market.
  • 38% label Trends Top as “very good”.
  • 88% of the usersconfirm Trends Top is an efficient tool.
  • Thanks to Trends Top 3 out of 4 users actually find what they are looking for.
  • More than 90% of theTrends Top users perceive the Quicksearch as a useful search engine.

How do users access Trends Top?

  • Visitors reach both directly and indirectly.
  • Indirect visitors arrive mostly via search engines like Google since Trends Top ranks high in the organic search results due to the relevance. Via search engines visitors easily land on a sector ranking or directly onto a company profile. Your advertisement on our communication platform will therefore benefit from the SEO efforts made by Trends Top.


You haven’t found the answer you were looking for?
Contact us by mail and we will get back to you.