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Alert service

Our alert service will keep you informed of changes in the data of the companies that are important to you.

  • Our alert or monitoring service will keep you automatically posted of important changes in companies or sectors that are important to you.
  • Each login allows you to give a number of companies in alert, for example your main customers or suppliers.
  • Each login allows you to monitor a number of sectors, for example your own sector (to monitor the competition) or the sector most of your customers are active in (to make use of new opportunities). 
  • Each login allows you to monitor a number of zip codes, in order to stay updated on regional economical changes.
  • The number of companies, sectors or zip codes you can monitor depends on your login type.

  • Companies:
    • On your personal overview (when logged in): one by one or by uploading a list of company numbers
    • Via the alert icon in each results list or on each company profile
  • Sectors and zip codes:
    • On your personal overview
    • Via the alert icon on each company profile

  • You will be informed when the following data change.
    • Companies in alert:
      • Company Name
      • Address
      • Phone or fax number
      • E-mail
      • Website
      • New company activity / sector
      • Score (general health indicator)
      • New annual accounts
      • Modified legal status (bankruptcy, composition by the court,…)
    • Sectors and zip codes in alert:
      • New companies
      • Companies with a modified score
      • Companies with new annual figures
      • Companies with a modified legal status (bankruptcy, composition by the court,…)