Debt Collection Service

Powered by Intrum

Are your customers not paying their invoices?
Our premium collection solution is what you need.

This debt collection service guarantees a maximum collection of owed invoice amounts from your defaulters. Worldwide, Intrum helps 90,000 companies to stay financially sound.

Your benefits:

  1. This debt collection is included in your Finance or Business Login
    Annually you save at least € 250 to € 780 compared to non-subscribers.
  2. Maximum collection of owed invoice amounts. At a minimum cost.
  3. Suitable for the follow-up of defaulters both in Belgium.
  4. Notification of unpaid invoices is efficient & easy.
  5. Suitable for claims on both consumers and companies.
  6. We call your debtors to speed up the payment of your invoices.

Activate debt collection service

-By activating this debt collection service you agree with the prices and applicable general terms and conditions of Intrum.
-This service is not provided by Trends Top. Trends only grants its clients access to the platform of Intrum.