Corona - Business Continuity

We have been facing the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic for several weeks. This has motivated the government to impose strict measures that we understand and support. Clearly we have also taken the necessary steps to protect the health and safety of our employees, in line with the guidelines received from the government and Roularta Media Group.

Media company

Roularta Media Group intends to continue assuming its civil responsibility as a media company, informing the population in an independent, reliable and high-quality manner about COVID-19 and other important subjects. Newspapers and magazines will appear as normal and we are providing uninterrupted 24/7 digital reporting. It is clear that the demand for information in this period is greater than ever.

Business information provider

As a supplier of business information, Trends Business Information makes every effort to continue to facilitate your business in this context. Our online platform Trends Top remains operational for consulting company information. Events and trainings organized by Trends Business Information have been cancelled or postponed until the end of the summer holidays. Our employees remain available for all your questions, through live chat, telephone and email.

General contact information:
Trends Business Information – Raketstraat 50 – 1130 Brussel – 02/702.70.11 –

We thank you for your confidence and wish you the best possible continuation of your business processes.