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1,503,161 companies - 1,489,949 contacts - 88,008,479 key figures

  • Extra until August 31: financial reports (25) to check the crisis resistance of your business relations
  • You consult basic company information of all active companies
  • You benchmark financial key-figures of different companies
  • You compose prospect lists and pay per record
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    6 months free
  • Extra until August 31: financial reports (50) to check the crisis resistance of your business relations
  • You consult company information from a commercial perspective
  • You optimize prospection, client analysis and sales management
  • You monitor your key client portfolio (alert service)
  • Full board view, personal email addresses
  • Save personal typification and comment
  • Financial health indicator 1-3
  • Alert service 1,000 companies, 10 sectors and 10 zipcodes
  • Webtools for prospection, client analysis, sales management
  • Do-not-call-me filter for prospection purposes
  • 1,000 prospect addresses
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    6 months free
  • Extra until August 31: access to prospection tool with 250 export credits for marketing purposes
  • You consult company information from a financial perspective
  • You monitor your key business relations (alert service)
  • You have access to detailed business reports
  • Full board view, personal email addresses
  • Link to official publications
  • Financial health indicator 1-20 with evolution
  • Credit advice with evolution
  • Alertservice 1,000 companies, 10 sectors and 10 zipcodes
  • 1,000 Belgian Business Reports
  • 1 Sector Report
  • 1 City Report
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    6 months free
  • Extra until August 31: third user with feature access for one of your colleagues that works from home e.g.
  • You combine Marketing and Finance login features in one account
  • You activate a second username for a colleague or department
  • You get 2,500 prospect addresses
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    6 months free

Some of our satisfied customers


The most up-to-date individual health indicator compared to the average of the sector. Select only healthy companies.


Create your personal prospect lists based on the parameters of your choice and select fields to be integrated in your export file.

Business Report
Business Report

New financial report with evolution of the score and credit advice.

Alert Service
Alert Service

Automatically receive electronic updates by e-mail on the companies and sectors that matter to you.


See the geographical spread of your client portfolio, analyse your market penetration per type of company and select prospects with the same profile.

Debt Collection Service

Link with Do-Not-Call-Me-List on company profiles and in data export routine.

Data Export
Data Export

You easily export contact data and company information of prospects in only a few steps using our competitive credits system.

Region Management
Region Management

Display the geographical spread of your sales team and clearly chart the potential of each sales team member.

Printable profiles
Printable profiles

The most important company information and annual accounts in a PDF you can easily save or print.

Training sessions
Training sessions

On a regular basis, Trends Business Information organizes free regional training sessions on prospecting and geomarketing instructing you how to optimize your sales process. - Regional agenda


On-the-spot comparison of your company’s key figures and ratios to those of any other company active within your sector or region.


84% of the Belgian decision makers know Trends Top as information source.


88% of the users say Trends Top is an advanced and powerful work tool.

Reduced price

Take a three year subscription: you pay for two years and get a three year access.


Trends Top can be integrated into any comfort zone (CRM/ERP) of our end-users.

Quick and efficient

Over 90% of the users confirm the Quicksearch is a useful search engine.

Secure payments

You make a secure online payment and immediately receive a login by e-mail or you opt for an invoice.

Look no further

3 out of 4 users find what they are looking for thanks to Trends Top.

Superior quality

Trends Top gets a significantly higher quality score than other players.

20% discount on reports and analyses

Business Report

Detailed individual report, with general information, financial and administrative incidents, mergers, acquisitions, demergers, management board, financial links, financial analysis, credit advice, evolution financial rating, risk in delay of payment - Information and order form

Sector Top

Extensive analysis and evolution of the 50 largest players per sector by profitability, solvency, liquidity and added value. Including individual company profiles with key figures and sector benchmarks per player. Information and order form

Municipal Top

What is the profile of the companies in your municipality and what differences are revealed in comparison to the district, the province or the whole of Belgium? Who are the strongest players, who report the largest profits or the largest investments and who are the major employers? Information and order form

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